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Before building, renovating or inspecting, one must be aware of current legislation, requirements and construction methods. This requires continuous training and further training of our employees in the various construction domains.

Info sessions

B.C.B. offers information sessions on, among other things, correct insulation, airtight construction, acoustic and ventilation controls. Investigation techniques such as thermography, moisture and airtightness checks can also be discussed.

These are of great importance for the latest construction and renovation methods according to current and future requirements. We always tailor our advice and training to both individuals and professionals.

Consulting & Training


We are happy to cover the following topics:
» Total renovations
» Insulation placement
» Insulation inspections
» Airtightness
» Blower Door test
» Multiple Fan measurements
» Thermography
» Ventilation system inspection
» Moisture detection
» Acoustic studies
» Sustainable construction techniques
» Passive én BEN constructions
» Winning on the energy bill
» Saving Energy-efficient points

Consulting & Training
Consulting & Training

Guest speaker

As a guest speaker and teacher at training centers such as Syntra, IFAPME, WTCB, B.C.B. bvba tries to prepare construction companies, architects and product suppliers for 2020. Sustainable construction and renovation is our message.